Should I be using lube?  This is a question that comes up in my office from time to time, but definitely not enough.  Lube, which is a term short for lubricant, is most often thought of as a required aide when there is a lack of natural lubrication.  However, there are many other times when lube is necessary or a fun and pleasing addition to sexual experiences.  What I do discover in session is that most of my clients are not aware of the different types and uses, as well as the many possible benefits of lube! The people at Carvaka Sex Toys have put together an excellent infographic that demonstrates the many fun uses of lube which can found here:

They also have a comprehensive post on how to use lube which I believe to be very helpful:

I often witness that there is a sense of shame in the need to use lubrication; that many people feel that they may be inadequate sexually if they need a little help.  As a sex therapist, I encourage the use of lube for many different reasons and help my clients realize that the use of lube is not only normal, but fun!  Carvaka Sex Toys agrees with this stance as it has lube listed as a sex toy itself, not as an aide for inadequate lovers.  I encourage you to think about lube as a fun and novel addition to your sex life.  So go ahead and take a look at what the world of lube looks like at